Who We Are

Bayard Sports is a sports management firm that understands the importance of developing a relationship between the client, his family, and management. We also help our players develop a holistic life plan to manage their career and personal goals.

Bayard Sports is headed by Dr. James Gilmore, Jr., a certified NFL Contract Advisor and a FIBA International Basketball Agent. Dr. Gilmore is skilled in negotiations and works with draft eligible players throughout the draft cycle to help enhance their preparation for and selection in the NFL Draft.

Dr. Gilmore works with outside fitness consultants and training facilities to ensure that each client has the resources to reach his potential. Moreover, Dr. Gilmore works with investment and financial professionals to ensure that each player has the access to individuals with experience in developing comprehensive strategies for financial management.

Bayard Sports seeks to be the bridge that helps the successful college athlete transition to becoming a professional athlete and success story away from athletics.
Bayard Sports develops relationships with its players to ensure they receive the best management advice as well as learn what’s best when it comes to building and managing their brand.
The Bayard Sports motto, “We help manage your life,” is indicative in the firm’s work to help its clients obtain endorsements, card contracts, personal appearances, and other marketing opportunities.
Contract Negotiations
Bayard Sports negotiates player contracts for football and basketball clients. With each client, we discover what is important to them, and we develop a plan to help them achieve their goals.
Financial Planning and Management
Considering that most athletes make the majority of their lifetime earnings at a young age, Bayard Sports works with them to ensure they have the resources and counsel to help secure their financial futures.
Accounting Services and Tax Planning
Bayard Sports has established relationships with accountants and tax planners that assist players seeking to manage their finances.

Athletic Development and Personal Training
Bayard Sports places a keen emphasis on personal training and developing its athletes for competition on the professional level.
Legal Services
Through the course of a professional athlete’s career, he may need a variety of legal services. Bayard Sports has direct access to attorneys that are readily available to its clients.
Public Relations, Endorsements and Sports Marketing
Bayard Sports work to enhance the brand and marketability of its clients and is experienced in negotiating deals with trading card and other sports marketing companies to secure endorsement deals.

“Let us help you manage your life.”


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